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Electrical Controls

quality assembled electronic solutions

With capabilities of producing a wide variety of electronic controls, Omni Aerospace always generates a guaranteed level of quality that the entire aerospace market relies on. Whether it’s an original design or brought in from an outside source, every assembled electronic control goes through rigorous inspection to make absolute sure that our products remain a dependable source for all of our customers. When it comes to products that we can create, Omni is limitless.


Featured Electrical Controls

Alt Test Electronic Signal & Power Control Boxes
Primary & Secondary AC/DC Power Control
Electronic Solenoids
custom Electronic Connectors & Accessories

Electronic Controls Product Process

Alt Test

Electronic Controls Project Plan & Review:

When creating custom or previously developed electronic controls, a project review is ordered to check the compliance of the designs that have been designed and manufactured or provided. Once standards have all been met, a bill of materials is created for review and approval by the customer or agency. With materials, approved, they will then be ordered and required tooling would either be custom manufactured by Omni or supplied by the customer.

Schedule Production of Electronic Controls:

Processes that have been created will again be reviewed to ensure quality and production staff training will commence.

Electronic Controls are Produced:

Once the first articles of electronic controls have been produced, they are submitted and approved by the customer, and finally signed off by Omni’s Quality Department.

Electronic Controls Continue Production:

The production process will repeat until all of the electronic controls in an order have been completed. After Omni’s Quality Department signs off on the products, delivery specifications will be created and met.