Engineering Department Overview

Engineering Department Overview

PROVIDING Innovative Solutions

Committed to providing our customers with the most efficient and economical parts, our engineering abilities know no limit. Our engineering experience is key for all of our custom in-house manufacturing. Whether the end result will be electronic controls, or aircraft parts, the concept and design are how they get their start into existence. Omni Aerospace’s engineers create the value that goes into each of our of products to ensure that every single detail is quality manufactured and tested.

We provide a wide range of engineered products, including Electrical, Mechanical and System Design. We utilize 3D CAD models for products and tool designs.

With Electrical and Machining capabilities paving the way, Omni Aerospace is a leading source for aircraft and automotive engineered products.

omni aerospace, wichita ks design engineering

design engineering

Omni has the ability to take any idea, whether they be systems, electrical or mechanical, and create the producible product design.

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Environmental Control Systems (ECS) omni aerospace, wichita ks

Environmental Control Systems (ECS)

With the highest value ECS components and systems, our engineered products satisfy the high reliability requirements for the Aerospace industry.

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omni aerospace, wichita ks manufacturing engineering

manufacturing engineering

The stage where our products become producible. Building innovation isn’t easy, but Omni Aerospace lives for challenging projects.

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