Environmental Control Systems

Environmental Control Systems

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Committed to providing our customers with the highest value ECS components and systems, our engineered products satisfy the high reliability requirements for the Aerospace industry.

Whether it be high temperature aircraft bleed valves, vapor cycle air-conditioning systems or safety systems temperature sensors; Omni can manufacture or custom engineer an elegant solution for your aerospace or high reliability application. Omni Aerospace’s engineers create the value that goes into each of our products to ensure that every single detail is quality manufactured and additionally that each system is tested properly.

Our engineering capability includes Design Engineering utilizing Catia 3D CAD models and system analysis. In addition our lean production methods are augmented by our Manufacturing Engineering Department that utilizes 3D printers for production models and tooling. With Engineering, ECS Products, Electrical Systems and Machined parts capabilities paving the way, Omni is a leading source for the aerospace and high reliability markets.

ECS Design Engineering is the first step in all product developments. All it takes is a ECS product need to it to get it all started. Omni has the ability to take any application, whether it be electrical, mechanical or systematic, and create the producible product design. We start with a product plan that considers all customer goals for price, performance, quality and delivery. It takes a diligent process of creating 3D CAD models, drawings, tooling designs, system testing and certification plans to get the innovation ball rolling. For new products once the engineering is complete, the manufacturing process begins.

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Environmental Control Systems Process

Engineering Design & Development Plan:

We begin this process by holding a preliminary design review meeting. Here we will go over the standards and specifications of the potential product design to make sure they are in compliance with aerospace engineering standards, such as RTCA/DO-160G standard. We will also create a Project Charter (schedule) to keep the process on track.

Define Product Design Requirements:

When creating the definition for product designs, we consider all the relevant the general specifications and standards for the product. We include in the design all materials, processes and design validation to insure proper form, fit, performance, and reliability. This ensures the best overall designed value.

Design & Develop Outputs:

Omni will start creating the product designs by putting together a drawing package. This will include Bill Of Materials used for the designs, create the CAD models and electrical schematics and if required develop electrical software and circuit board designs.

Verification & Validation:

Here, Omni creates prototypes of the product being designed to make sure it is working correctly before manufacturing begins.

Final Design Documentation & Certification:

The final step in the design engineering process is critical design review. All drawings, prototypes and test plans are approved by the customer and relevant agencies, in order to meet all compliance standards. Drawings and Procedures are then released for the next step in manufacturing process.