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Machined Parts


Our aircraft parts from prototype to production, are built to exceed customer expectations for price, performance, quality and delivery. It’s our mission to be as versatile as possible when producing aircraft parts, utilizing design for manufacturing production methods in our state of the art facility. We have extensive experience with a variety of metals, such as aluminum, titanium, and steels.

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Featured Machined Parts

Structural Part
Interior Part
Systems Part
Extruded Part
Control Part

MACHINED PARTS Production Process

Aircraft Part Project Plan & Review:

Whether it be a new Omni design or a build to print machined part or assembly; a project review insures the compliance of the Omni design or build to print product will be built to customer requirements. Once the Product plan meets standards, a bill of materials is created for review and approval by Omni engineering and the customer. Once approved, they will then be ordered and any required tooling will be custom manufactured by Omni.

Schedule Production of Aircraft Parts:

Required processes & procedures will be created and approved by Omni Quality department prior to production.

Aircraft Parts are Produced:

Once the first article of an electronic control has been produced and approved by Omni’s Quality Department, it will be submitted to the customer.

Aircraft Parts Continue Production:

The production process continues until all of the electronic control order is complete. Omni’s Quality Department signs off on the deliveries.