Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

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The stage where our products become producible. Building innovation isn’t easy, but Omni Aerospace lives for challenging projects. We have the capabilities to provide manufacturing engineering services for electrical, mechanical, and systematic designs that can be built in house or procured from reliable sources.

Once a product has the structure and integrity that Omni guarantees, we apply lean manufacturing methodologies for each project, creation of products to be functional, and manufactured efficiently at the highest quality. Each product goes through full production with field support to make sure the process is complete and thorough, making sure everything is as ultimately efficient as possible. We offer warranties for each product that we bring to production, along with any possible design revisions that may be needed as your product matures.

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Manufacturing Engineering Process

Manufacturing Project Review & Planning:

After creating or receiving designs, Omni manufacturing engineers perform a project review to process the approval of the manufacturing plan. A risk analysis is performed to make sure that Omni can provide the resources required for each design. If a design from an outside source is involved, engineers gather all of the standards and specifications from the source to ensure the designs meet compliance standards before proceeding. Once a project’s risk analysis has been approved, a project schedule is published.

Build to Print:

To start building a design, first Omni’s team will check to ensure the CAD models are in compliance to the intended design. A step-by-step manufacturing process will then be designed. Omni custom designs the tooling using CATIA software or other computer modeling design programs and machine coding programs. Once the Computer Aided Manufacturing code is written a Vericut program is preformed to validate the machine coding.

Validation & Verification:

The first article is manufactured and inspected to ensure machine coded designs are working correctly. The project is validated to meet cost and delivery goals within the project budget.

Release Production Documents:

The final step in manufacturing engineering. Once all codes and programs have been approved, documents are provided to the machine shop for building the tools and products.