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Mechanical Assembly


We control the entire process from start to finish. Whether it be a custom design that our engineers develop, or a build to print project; Omni utilizes a fully documented manufacturing process to insure success. Our team manages the design, purchases materials, develops the processes and controls the documentation and delivery of complex mechanical assemblies. Our state-of-the-art facility contributes to our success and allows us to be a one stop shop for all our customer needs. Our customers choose Omni as a supplier of choice because of our dedication to quality, delivery and customer service; we take pride in everything we do.

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Featured Mechanical Assemblies

Latching assemblies
Control assemblies
Riveted assemblies
Bonded assemblies
Welded assemblies
Painted & Processed assemblies
Interior assemblies

Mechanical assembly Production Process

Mechanical Assembly Project Plan & Review:

Whether it be a new Omni design or a build to print mechanical assembly, a project review insures the compliance of the Omni design or build to print product will be built to customer requirements. Once the Product plan meets standards, a bill of materials is created for review and approval by Omni engineering and the customer. With materials, approved, they will then be ordered and any required tooling will be custom manufactured by Omni.

Schedule Production of Mechanical Assembly:

Required processes & procedures will be created and approved by Omni Quality department prior to production.

Mechanical Assembly is Produced:

Once the first article of a mechanical assembly has been produced and approved by Omni’s Quality Department, it will be submitted to the customer.

Mechanical Assembly Continue Production:

The production process continues until all of the mechanical assembly order is complete. Omni’s Quality Department signs off on the deliveries.