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Omni Aerospace is ISO 9001: + AS9100 certified.  Registered as ITAR compliant. We utilize the latest in software and CMM/PCMM technology to stay on the cutting edge and continually improve our systems. Quality is not just a department at Omni Aerospace; it is a companywide initiative that every employee is responsible for, to ensure the continued delivery of quality products to our customers. Continual Process Improvement is vital to achieving our organizational goals. We are constantly striving for excellence, and we want our customer’s to be confident that each product delivered with the Omni stamp is in full conformance of quality requirements.

Quality commitment

It is the policy of Omni Aerospace to provide a quality product to all customers and continue to improve our quality system. Top Management is committed to measurement of quality objectives and to provide leadership to insure all employees can maximize their potential to satisfy customer needs.



    • 12 foot
    • The latest in 3D measurement technology which ensures efficient measurement of complex aerospace parts.


    • 8 Foot
    • The best combination of speed and accuracy for critical aerospace applications


    • • Quantum S Faro/Laserblu, 13ft, PCMM
    • • Touch probe and laser scanner

Awards & Acknowledgements

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Striving For Excellence

Building strong working relationships is something that takes hard work and dedication. The efforts and commitment that we have made with the aerospace community has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. We are proud of our work ethic and values we have displayed in the past that have been acknowledged through many awards.